image by Jamie Bosworth

image by Jamie Bosworth

Françoise Weeks, born in Belgium, has infused her work with a quintessential European reverence for flowers and nature. Combined with creativity and mechanical ingenuity, she has crystalized her singular style of Textural Woodlands and Botanical Haute Couture pieces, garnering a global following.

Her generosity of knowledge and perspective in use of floral materials, structure and techniques, create rigorous and exciting learning opportunities for her students to explore all that nature has to offer.

Françoise’s studio is located in Portland, OR. She teaches workshops in her studio and offers online courses and skype classes as well. She also has taught in many cities in the US - in studios, at wholesalers, garden clubs and conferences - and in Mexico, England, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, China and Australia. Her dynamic work has been published in national and international magazines.

In December 2018 her book “The Herbal Recipe Keeper” was published by Timber Press.

“When you have the courage to tackle the fear

good things to happen.” Françoise Weeks


  • When you are starting a business, choose one area to specialize in and put all of your energy into it.

  • House Plants are a great investment and source for cutting foliage when doing design work.

  • Integrate social media into your marketing when promoting your business.

  • Open your eyes and see what’s out there and see the amazing treasures all around us.

  • When things don’t go according to plan look for the positive side of the situation and figure it out.

  • Francoise mentioned her new book. The Herbal Recipe Keeper.

  • Curiosity and perseverance are the two main ingredients that helped her stay in business.

  • Sharing information is empowering and fun!!

    “When the desire to succeed becomes greater than the

    fear to fail, I move forward.” Françoise Weeks


The Herbal Recipe Keeper: My Collection of Healing Plant Remedies and Essential Oil Blend by Françoise Weeks