Julie Tobi

Career Pivot Life Coach

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Julie Tobi is a life coach with a strong emphasis on career fulfillment and career pivots. She has a MA in counseling and a deep appreciation for personal + spiritual growth and connection. She helps creative professionals live from their core, let go of resistance, and pivot into the lives and careers they actually want to be in. In 2012 Julie wrote in her journal "If you're not listening to your own voice, who are you listening to?" This message changed her life and is the foundation of her work - helping people connect with their voice and make decisions from that space within them.

Julie works with clients and speaks at events throughout the country. She's worked in careers from academic research to wedding planning and back to her counseling roots as a coach. When not working, you can find her doing life in Michigan with her husband and kids.


I help creative professionals pivot into the fulfilling careers and lives they actually want to be in


  • Why do you want a mentor?

  • What are you hoping for from the relationship?

  • Are you really looking for a mentor or do you need more of a coach/consultant?

    (Coaches and consultants have financial requirements)

  • Have a relationship form organically

  • Connect with people in the industry whom you admire

  • What can you offer them

    Free labor / Free time

  • Learn without any expectations that anyone would give you anything in return

  • Be organic

  • Be genuine

  • Be open to what you can give in the mentoring relationship


It starts by connecting with what matters and making mindset shifts to support your ideal career and life

Show Notes:

  1. If you’re not listening to your own voice who are you listening to.

  2. The only voice that really matters is your own.

  3. Remember there’s a difference in identifying what we do with who we are.

  4. We should love what we do, but that isn’t what gives us our worth, love, and value.

  5. Take the time and unplug to stay connected to yourself.

  6. Understand the need and importance of boundries.

  7. Finding the permission within yourself to make a change or pivot in your life and your business.

  8. With regards to social media remember the importance of staying in your lane.

  9. You create the business you want. Focus on your work and the work you like and what fulfill’s you.

  10. Stay true to yourself and listen to your own voice.