Maxine Owens

image by Charla Storey

image by Charla Storey

Maxine Owens is proof that inspiration and passion can come from the most curious beginnings. Always passionate about botanical life and living things, she earned a degree in Zoology before beginning a career in creative design. Initially, bringing life to retail displays for trendsetting brands while leading teams of designers, Maxine learned firsthand how creative spark, vision, and eagerness to experiment brings people together.

Always drawn to the beauty and natural elegance of flowers, Maxine gains inspiration from movement, texture, and color and brings a fresh, approachable take on floral design. Her aesthetic style resonates with nature loving brides and has been featured in The Knot, Brides, and Martha Stewart Weddings, and has recently been named one of the top floral designers in the U.S by Harper's Bazaar.

Maxine’s passion to share her craft has led her to teach workshops, both nationally and internationally, and help other designers develop their own personal style. She eagerly awaits where her flower journey will lead her and relishes how nature’s beauty can bring people together.

Show Notes

  1. Look to nature for inspiration with colors, textures, and movement.

  2. Continuing your education with workshops and classes is a great place to learn and build community.

  3. Help your clients find their flower voice and design with that in mind.

  4. Give yourself permission to make mistakes.

  5. Floral careers take time, pace yourself. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint.