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Accent Decor: Inspiration with Ian Prosser and Zoë Gallina

There are many times when a company recruits outside talent to highlight some of their products. With our excitement of having Ian and Zoë on The Flower Podcast this week, we reached out to Accent Decor to showcase inspirational images created by them. This gives us many opportunities!! First to highlight their work and also to highlight some amazing products by our lead sponsor for this season, Accent Decor.


Peonies: Varieties to Look For This Year

With the arrival of spring comes the much anticipated onset of magnificent peonies. Each year, the peony season comes and goes with mostly the same varieties. You may recognize varieties like ‘Kansas’, ‘Sarah Bernhardt’, ‘Jules Eli’, ‘Festiva Maxima’, and ‘Duches de Nemours’. Oh, and don’t forget ‘Coral Charm’, ‘Coral Sunset’, and ‘Red Charm’. These have become the staple varieties that we know to ask for year after year.

image by Victoria Pearson

image by Victoria Pearson

Garden Rose Favorites of Rose Story Farm®

What an experience to sit down with Danielle Dall’Armi and Bill Hahn to learn about their garden rose farm. To hear the many challenges of farming like insects or downy mildew, add damage from the devastating fires in California or the mud slide/flows that not once but twice moved through their property, only helps me appreciate the love and effort that goes into each beautiful stem. The roses below are a list of Dani’s Favorites. With wedding trends changing from year to year, different colors may be requested, but it’s nice to hear from the grower directly which garden rose are her favorites. Write them down and enjoy! Hopefully at some point this year, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the colors and fragrance of garden roses!

Image by Sarah Ingram

Image by Sarah Ingram

Summer Garden Party

Winter has arrived. The usual up and down of the thermometer in the south, days and days of rain, leafless trees and dormant lawns are pretty normal as we usher in the new year. As I reflect on 2018, I am overcome with a sense of joy and gratefulness. One warm and beautiful August evening was the setting of a most memorable occasion. My family was invited to the home of Nate and Ginny Early to celebrate the launch of The Flower Podcast. What a great time of fellowship and community as Ginny of Enemies of the Average and Mary Wynn of Amy Osaba Designs hosted this wonderful evening of friends and flowers.

Floral by    McKenzie Powell    and Image by    Belathée Photograph   y

Floral by McKenzie Powell and Image by Belathée Photography

Amaryllis: The Star Of The Winter Season

So many flowers bring back seasonal memories. Amaryllis are definitely the star of late November and December, but is that where it should end? With all the abundance and rich tones of autumn, I know that I see amaryllis as the perfect transitional flower between fall and spring, in other words, The Star of the Winter Season. Being one of the largest bulb flowers designers use throughout the year, amaryllis can be challenging to use but well worth the effort. I would like to introduce some varieties you may have seen but overlooked. I would recommend keeping these amazing ‘stars of the winter’ palette in mind when planning weddings or events.

Florals by Jacin Fitzgerald  Photography bu Ashley Sawtelle

Florals by Jacin Fitzgerald

Photography bu Ashley Sawtelle

Bouquet Beauty of The Flower Podcast

A wedding bouquet can be some of the first flowers a bride and her wedding party might see just prior to her walking down the isle. It’s that bouquet that can stir the soul and bring the sparkle of happy tears from your bride. Connecting you, the floral artist, and the bride is a very special moment- one that can bring intense satisfaction. I hope these bouquets inspire you like they did us. Thanks to The Flower Podcast guests for sharing these moments with us and now you.