Nicole grows EU-certified organic specialty cut flowers in southwestern Germany. Together with her husband, Samer, she cultivates three acres of land around her hometown, Wolfstein. Nicole’s flower business, Rox & Rose, is focused on creating seasonal bouquets for the German retail market using the annual and perennial flowers and fillers she grows. Nicole got her start selling her bouquets in 2013 at the farmer’s market in the nearby city of Kaiserslautern. Three years later, she began retailing her bouquets in organic supermarkets in the Frankfurt area. Last year, Rox & Rose’s bouquets caught the attention of Germany’s largest organic supermarket wholesaler, and are now reaching customers throughout the country. Weddings and special events have featured in Nicole’s work since the beginning and are the focus of the next phase in Rox & Rose’s development. Nicole’s plans also include offering workshops in the 19th century building which houses her studios and cold store.