Sarah Angers Campbell

image by Rakoteet Photography

image by Rakoteet Photography

 Sarah Campbell is a renowned wedding expert with in-depth experience in all aspects of the industry, including having launched multiple successful wedding businesses of her own. Her first company, launched Intrigue Design & Décor, concentrated on high-end weddings and social events up and down the East Coast. Sarah has now become a leader in the education industry as well, through her company Intrigue Teaches, which help florists and wedding professionals of all levels hone their design skills. Her excitement for weddings and her passion for design is apparent the moment you meet her! She openly shares her talent and knowledge through speaking, workshops and classes designed specifically for the wedding industry. If her smiling face looks familiar to you, it might be because you have seen her touring all 50 states with her floral workshop series, or on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX as well as a number of magazines, blogs and newspapers.

Show Notes

  • Passion can help propel your business.

  • Social media has changed the world and created this incredible demand for flowers in a whole new way.

  • In marketing make sure your work doesn’t looks cheap then your clients might actually think you are cheap.

  • Vet your clients before they come to your place of business, it might save you time and make you more money.

  • Give your attention to your business first and flowers second. This will enable you to keep doing the thing you love the most…

  • You can have everything you ever wanted, but you probably won’t be able to have it all at the same time.

  • Being a business woman first and a floral creative second allows for a long term business model