our story

it started with a wedding.
so many great stories start that way.

molly, lisa and barbie, neighbors and friends.

barbie's daughter was to be married in their family home.
molly loved flowers, and had worked in new york with her own floral design business years before,
so when asked, she jumped at the chance to do the flowers for this neighborhood wedding.
with a last minute ask from molly, lisa enthusiastically joined in creating bouquets and boutonnieres.

what started with a few spontaneous asks, turned into an incredibly beautiful wedding,

and then a new career for all three.

molly, lisa and barbie share a vision for velvet&twine that values joy alongside a vision of beauty executed well.
they love creating environments which enhance joyful and celebratory moments in their clients' lives.

creativity is a privilege and a delight and worth sharing.

our story started with a wedding.
let us help you start your own story or just make your life more beautiful.