Accent Decor: Inspiration with Ian Prosser and Zoë Gallina

There are many times when a company recruits outside talent to highlight some of their products. With our excitement of having Ian and Zoë on The Flower Podcast this week, we reached out to Accent Decor to showcase inspirational images created by them. This gives us many opportunities!! First to highlight their work and also to highlight some amazing products by our lead sponsor for this season, Accent Decor.

Having been in the floral business for many years, I understand the need for inspiration. Either taking vessels you already have or seeing new products for you to use can be important when booking weddings and meeting with clients. It’s far too easy to let our work become ordinary. I hope you enjoy this post and can take a quiet moment and breathe in the inspiration.


Nature provides us with what seems like an endless number of mediums to express our visions and dreams. I love the use of tillandisas, fruit, plants, and foliage mixed with the obvious cut flowers for this vignette. Accent Decor brings in amazing talents to create these stunning visuals to showcase the possibilities for creating memorable events or weddings for your clients. Utilizing plants can be more than environmentally friendly, it can also give you inventory to repurpose or regift to your client. The flowers and plants above have been placed in the Laurent Urn. Using the natural vibrant color of fruit like cantaloupe and persimmons to carry the color from the flower designs flowing down the table and the place setting can create more impact. The candles have been placed in the Glass Lanterns with gold accents to connect with the gold in the urns. Creating more intimate light, the Sassi Votives have blended perfectly with the golds, peaches, and taupes of the tablescape.


There is a current trend that I am absolutely thrilled to see. Being in the wholesale end of florals, I am used to having multiple products in inventory but when you see new trends bringing somewhat passed over inventory to life you can’t help but be energized! I am drawn to the pampers grass. This time of year dried product is the most available. It’s not as big and fluffy as fresh, but you can reuse it if you handle it carefully and when mixed with greenery the impact created can be spectacular. This design almost mimics the popular suspended floral design by using the Clarinet Vase without the challenges of hanging florals from the ceiling. I also love the design of this vessel and its reversal capability to add variety and interest on the same table.


Farm tables may come and go with popularity, but I love all the natural elements incorporated into this tablescape The clean lines from the hanging amaranths effortlessly brings your eyes down past the Clarinet Vase to this inviting gathering of rustic charm. Including the Truce Candleholder and the Selenite Table Number Accent Decor reinforces this natural theme making the connection with the Earth. Also, in the background there is the use of the candleholders and sculptures from the Atlantis Collection made from selenite. Once again, fruit is being used to connect the bright green color of the centerpieces with the simple place setting design. Each setting creates a personal invite with the use of a Tea Rose Budvase and a delicate touch of color.


Accent Decor not only creates vessels, but also brings decorative natural pieces into their collections. The bright gold Adorn Vase looks clean and is truly a bold statement when mixed with any florals like the mix of garden roses, dahlias, freesias, hydrangea, and callas. The bold florals and lines of the eucalyptus compliment the colors of these natural Agate Slices. These create a wonderful textural addition to any event. Whether for decorative purposes or like used above to personalize a setting, incorporating natural pieces with your designs is always pleasing.


The challenge of a table centerpiece can be its height or how much it may interfere with the personal space of each guest. I appreciate the scale, fullness, color, and ambience that Ian and Zoë brought to this table. The delicate peaches and creams of the garden roses and the softness of the dahlias blend with the natural color of the chairs and the votives perfectly. Furthermore, the silver of the brunia and dusty miller compliment the simple yet elegant place setting. The votives used in the settings are Accent Decor’s Spirit Votive. Made of glass, this dramatic votive creates a delicate ambience and sets the mood of an intimate gathering. Last but not least, the Stellar Name Card Holder adds a hint of sparkle, a natural element, and overall elegance to the tablescape.


Oh my goodness! When I first saw this image, my thoughts were of cherished memories of my grandmother. I believe many of you know what I am talking about. The family cake plate admired as the vessel housing Grandma’s delectable of the day, and the fresh pick of morning flowers from the garden were essential for a day at Grandma’s.

I am loving the appeal of this table. Simple yet elegant. Classic yet Current. The beautiful color of the Zelana Cake Plates can be used for anything from the obvious decorative cake plate to perfect pedestals for floral masterpieces. Designed to compliment any color palette, I am enamored with the amazing vibrant colors of the anemones, dahlias, and roses and they pop against the timeless color of the cake plate. The table also includes textured vases from Accent Decor’s Palm Collection available in multiple sizes. The neutral color of this stoneware vessel gives it flexibility in how it is utilized in one’s overall design. Truly a modern vibe to a classic table for an overall timeless experience.


Ian Posser and Zoë Gallina of Botanica International Design and Decor Studio, collaborate with Accent Decor to create catalog images and launch new product lines. Our sincere thanks to Accent Decor for being a sponsor for The Flower Podcast and sharing with us these spectacular images for this blog post. Listen to Ian and Zoë’s chat with Scott.


Peonies: Varieties to Look For This Year!!

by Scott Shepherd

With the arrival of spring comes the much anticipated onset of magnificent peonies. Each year, the peony season comes and goes with mostly the same varieties. You may recognize varieties like ‘Kansas’, ‘Sarah Bernhardt’, ‘Jules Eli’, ‘Festiva Maxima’, and ‘Duches de Nemours’. Oh, and don’t forget ‘Coral Charm’, ‘Coral Sunset’, and ‘Red Charm’. These have become the staple varieties that we know to ask for year after year. Some of these varieties are earlier blooming cultivars which we have grown to depend on, but over the years new varieties that tend to bloom later in the season have become more plentiful.

Many of these varieties have been hybridized over the decades. New doesn’t necessarily mean recently created. New could be, and often is, defined as meaning the varieties have been around a long time but have finally become more available to the masses. Peonies can be a tremendous expense to plant, both in capital, labor, and land. Many varieties take a minimum of three years before blooms can actually be harvested. As you can imagine after millions of dollars have been spent in plants, the idea of tearing them out of the ground and starting with new varieties isn’t very attractive.

So as our palette of peonies progress, we want to take a moment to show you and make sure you learn and remember some names for this spring. That way, when you have a chance you can try them out. We have not used any kind of enhancement or filters on the pictures. We have used natural light in most cases to give you a sense of the true color


Fuchsia Peony

Peony ‘Paul Wilde’

Peony ‘Paul Wilde’

This is ‘Paul Wilde’. An amazing fuchsia with an incredibly high petal count. This fabulous variety opens reliably into a large flower with a big wow factor. It adds that degree of moodiness to any rich romantic color palette. The color is so intense it’s sure to draw your customer’s eyes straight to it.


New and Different

Peony ‘Do Tell’ / ‘Flat Top’

Peony ‘Do Tell’ / ‘Flat Top’

There’s a short story with this variety. When I first bought this peony, it was sold to me under the name ‘Flat Top’, and I posted it on Instagram as such. Then, one of our followers was kind of enough to give me her thoughts on the variety. I was very grateful, since I always want to be correct when posting new varieties. At the time, I found images that matched under both names. However, I do think the name is ‘Do Tell’. So I listed that first above. This is a very interesting peony with all the color in the center of the flower and the pink petals that continue to fade as it opens. It blends with almost any palette. Because it opens quickly, I would leave it in the cooler as long as possible. The color in this flower has the ability to create color bridges or help with transitioning interesting color combinations of flowers.


Salmon Peonies

In my hunt for salmon color peonies, I came across the next two varieties in Holland. Their names say it all, and I just had to try them. As you can see in the pictures, they really aren’t salmon. I will say that they start salmon-ish and then open to pink.

Peony ‘Etched Salmon’

Peony ‘Etched Salmon’

‘Etched Salmon’ is a beautiful peony. It opens slower than the variety below and when you see all the petals you know why. It just keeps opening and opening to the magnificent flower you see above. They consistently open with a combination of tones throughout the flower. You naturally see the darker pink inner petals that fade to the lighter pink outer petals. I would never hesitate to try this variety if given the chance. When the flower fully opens it’s almost a complete sphere. Amazing!!

Peony ‘Salmon Saucer’

Peony ‘Salmon Saucer’

If you need a fast opener, this is it, ‘Salmon Saucer’. Being in the single family of peonies, it has few petals. These two varieties look identical in the bud stage. If you use your fingers and pinch the bud the single peonies feel hollow compared to a double or semi-double. If they get mixed up you can use the pinch test to tell them apart. They are beautiful, but some people are turned off with the yellow pollen filled center. Often brides and customers that want the pink of the peony are not happy with this center. When fully opened, it reminds me of the flower from Magnolia grandiflora.


White Peonies

Being that white is the number one color in demand for most weddings, I’ve included two that you may not know. If you do a lot of weddings especially in late May and June you may have lucked out over the last two years and found these show stoppers.

Peony ‘Madame Claude Tain’

Peony ‘Madame Claude Tain’

This peony contains beautiful petals with a feathery center. The petals, as they approach the center sometimes have a slight yellow cast to them. However, when it opens completely, it reads white to me. I guess it depends on the color palette you may be using with it. It is definitely whiter that ‘Duchess’. The petal count makes this flower seem full and dramatic. A great choice for sure, you don’t want to forget this one.

Peony ‘Odile’

Peony ‘Odile’

White peonies are truly the jewels of the wedding bouquet. If you struggled with choosing which white peony to choose, I understand. Deciding between white with pink flecks or varities that open with this yellowish creamy center can be frustrating. For the bride that wants pure white, I think this is the best variety because it really doesn’t have much, if any, of that yellow that stands out in an all white bridal bouquet. Needless to say, the whitest variety I’ve seen. Remember this one for sure.


Pink Peony

Peony ‘Sweet 16’

Peony ‘Sweet 16’

Out of all the “new” peonies I’ve enjoyed this year, ‘Sweet 16’ has to be my new favorite. It’s a little darker than the ‘blush’ most people want in the wedding world. This peony is an absolute showstopper. It’s large and has a pretty balance to it, not a single blossom and not packed with petals either. It opens gracefully because these huge petals are amazing. Almost every single flower that I saw in this batch opened beautifully. I just can’t say enough about this variety because my jaw dropped open from the very first second I saw it open. Truly a work of art to be used in designs.

The flower business is constantly changing with new varieties replacing old. With some crops this is easier than others. Change in the world of peonies is truly slow. Because South America joined the world in peony production, they have brought many new varieties to our markets. I can’t wait to see what treasures they’ll send our way this winter!!